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Woods vs. Jones

Posted on: January 5, 2012 8:20 pm
 Imagine for a few moments match play between Tiger Woods Bobby Jones. Take a step sideways through the strings of time itself and imagine the match with both men at the top of their games. It seems as if these two figures are dancing to a duel in the sun. Who will draw first. 
 Both of these men had choices to make after they reached the Pinnacle. Only one was seduced by his own conceit. Should Tiger have retired after he married and had children? Should Bobby Jones have kept playing? Would it have killed him? I can only look through the thinly veiled curtains and wondered why each chose the path they did.
 With Tiger Woods' recent spectacled past which golfer would you choose to win that one fantasy match. Assuming of course that equipment is equal.
 I played golf long enough to know that you don't play against anyone but yourself. For if you worry about your competition you play to the competition. When it was no longer fun I quit this game. But like all other games, and all other athletes I never truly walked away from it. So I wonder and look through the years and peek and imagine as a child and his innocence what if?
 Just one more question: What is left for Tiger and how much does he want it, and will we ever see the Kid on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show ever again? 
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